Horror novel "bump into...?"

I wrote a horror novel.
Please enjoy yourself.

"bump into...?"

My colleague Reiko says she frequentry bump into someone.
For example, when you get on an elevator, you will step back one step to make room if a person gets on the middle floor, you take the first step to make a space.
And you step back too far and bump into someone standing behind.
And you without thinking you will apologize, saying sorry.

It's the same even if you are on the train.
In the crowded train, you will go too far step back bump into someone sanding behind, step on someone toes.

Reiko says "I'm strange."
I say "You are carelessness rather than strange, Reiko."
When I tell Reiko to check back properly, she says that's not what she meant.
"There is nobody when I look back from saying I'm sorry, because I bump into someone."
"That's ... you talking with laughing but what is it?"
"So, although there is a feeling that certainly bump into someone, but no one is there."
I say "... isn't it creepy?"

Reiko says "Because I'm used to it, I do not have any problems, so everywhere will happen. When I ride the elevator, train, station, eating and drinking stations, my shoulder bump into someone but there is no one."

"I also experienced this office, in the conference room behind the manager's office ..."
"Stop! I don't want to hear it ! Because I'm afraid that I will not be able to enter the meeting room !"
"I'm sorry, but you will not have this experience. no problem."
"Why are you flirting like this when you experience this?"
"Because it only bump into something, there is nothing else."
Reiko burst into laughter after she said so.
"Oh, by the way, when I returned to my apartment house at home, I without thinking that bump into something, I apologized for it, but I don't need to apologize at my house anything."
Reiko is single and lives alone at her apartment's house.
Even though I was invited to Reiko, even if she prepared me a feast, I promised myself not to go to Reiko's room.


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