My Novel "Your blue and My blue"

The flowers of "Ceanothus" I saw for the first time were pure blue.
A certain anxiety will grow in my heart, looking at the blue.
When I saw that blue I got anxiety in my heart.
I wonder if the blue color that she is seeing is the same as my blue…

☆It is a short story about "Ceanothus" and "blue" in which blue flowers bloom in May.

There was a small flower shop beside the station, there was a blue tree in a space that was too narrow to be called the garden, sandwiched between the road and shop wall.

It seems that the height is 2 meters and the width is over 3 meters, it was a plant tree that I have never seen before.

The word "blue tree" appeared in my mind because the blue flowers were blooming over the spread narrow branches.

The blue color seems to be more recessed than in the real world, so it seems that the tree is far behind the surrounding scenery from a distance, I got a strange feeling.

The blue of the flower seemed to absorb the light rather than shining even if it was illuminated by the bright sun of May, conversely increasing the density of blue.

Pure blue with no redness mixed.

"It's "Ceanothus".

 Saki who stood beside me staring at the blue flower with me stretched out his hand. And she quietly said that while small flowers gathered and touched the flower that looked like a ball.

"The plant is called "California Lilac". As its name suggests, it's a native American plant, but I can't see it as a lilac anyway, so I think the scientific name Seanosus is better. Because "Ceanothus" is somehow poetic. "

As Saki says, Lilac is a bigger tree and its flower is purple rather than blue.

I told her. "There is no fragrance"

"Yes, Lilac has a nice smell, but this Ceanothus doesn't smell anything."

It was strange that they didn't smell even though they were blooming so gorgeously.

Although it's blue like a mass of presence, it doesn't smell. It seems as if there is only "Blue".

"Do you know Blue-incense?"

"No, I have never heard of it," so I tell her.

"Blue-incense is the scent of blue roses such as "Blue moon" and "Blue perfume". If a fresh and fruity youthful scent for the rich sweet smell of the rose's typical damasks is called Blue-incense. "

Saki's word "Blue-incense" was mysterious.

"But blue roses are not blue. Roses where beautiful blue flowers bloom no one like a blue flower of the "Ceanothus" exist in the rose-garden. "

"In the rose-garden...Oh, that's right Saki !, I heard that a major companies have created blue roses by genetic manipulation. "

"Well, but that way is far from traditional methods of rose breeders such as "Meilland" and "McGredy."

"The rose of "La France", which became the first of the rose-representing hybrid tea rose, has a legend that it was raised from four grain seeds collected over the stormy night ago more than 100 years ago ." Saki said.

I imagined those who desperately picked up rose seeds while wandering through the heavy rain and the wind.

"It's very romantic," I said.

"Don't you. In a rose made in a test tube while being observed with an electron microscope to people wearing white garments in a clean room, such romantic legend will not be born ! "

Suddenly I became worried whether the blue of Seanosus I saw and the blue that Sayaka looked at were the same color.

"Saki, Is "Blue" that you are seeing and the color that I feel the same color?"

"What ... what do you mean?"

"In other words, the deep blue of the "Ceanthus" I feel and seeing is the same as what you are seeing, both color and vividness? I can not say it well."

"Tomo, I understand what you're saying, but there is no way to check it."


My anxiety increases.
Even though it is such a beautiful blue ...
If the color that I am looking at and the color that Saki sees is different ...

"You think of strange things, do not you? Do you want to understand the color that others are looking at? That is a difficult problem that philosophers think." She said so, gently laughing while gently touching my cheeks.

"But I wish my blue and Satoshi's blue would be the same. Because it is lonesome if not so. If my blue is a color that only me can see, I am too lonesome…"

When I heard the words she said, my anxiety goes away.

"But, the "Ceanothus" which grew so much in this area is rare."


"Because it is vulnerable to cold. In places where frost falls and freezes in winter, usually it will not grow so far. "

Saki is familiar with plants.
Not only the beautiful flowers like this the "Ceanothus" bloomed but also familiar to the name of a small plant growing on the roadside.

Someday I asked her, "Why are you familiar with why you did not receive specialized education? 
Then she responded with her usual mysterious smile on her lips, "I just like plants".

"But..."Saki said.

"In fact, what do you do if I say that I am a witch?"

"Are you Witch? No matter what you say, I will not do anything because you are you, even if you are a witch your essence will not change."

"What is essence? Please don't cheat me with logic and could you make it easy enough for me to understand?."

It might sound like we are fighting when others heard it, but this conversation between me and Saki was as usual. What she wants for me was that I should say such a word.

"I love you, whatever witches are, but you're yourself, Saki."

"Le bleu est la couleur du ciel.
Le bleu est la couleur de la mer.
Le bleu est la couleur de mon esprit.
Et votre bleu est mon bleu."

She said a sentence that sounds like a spell.
Perhaps, I do not know for anything other than the word Bleu meaning blue and La Mer of the sea, whether she is a French selected by her second foreign language.

"What did you say now?"

"It's nothing. It's like a spell. Well, will not we go soon?Seanosus can come see me again. " 

She smiled with mischief in one's eyes and arm and arm with me.


☆ Translated text of the spell she said.

Blue is the sky color
Blue is the color of the sea
Blue is the color of my heart
And your blue is my blue

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